West regional academy

Providing educational opportunities during difficult times.

Tutoring Center graduates.jpg

Graduation Day 2018!
The first class of the tutoring center earned certificates in computer literacy in 2018.


When political unrest in parts of western Cameroon caused school closures throughout the region, Plant A Seed started a tutoring center so that students could learn and practice valuable computer skills while not in school. The first class earned certificates in 2018.

Inspired by the interest in the tutoring center, Plant A Seed is now launching an on-line learning program, West Regional Academy. Students will complete courses on-line at computer centers or at home.

The cost for one year of the program, which is being provided via an on-line school program, is approximately $300 per student. Students can complete the degree on their own time but will be required to achieve minimum benchmarks in order to remain in the program.

Plant A Seed is seeking a total of $5,000 for this first year of the program. All donations are tax deductible.