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Youth Activities and Book Drive

We organize Youth Sports Activities in Sabga, Cameroon to give kids an opportunity to earn school supplies and tuition fees while doing something fun and learning team skills.

Sports are activities that unite. Plant A Seed strongly encourages sports activities in schools and communities, especially among young people as a tool to help them learn to work together towards a common goal. Right now our sports program takes place in Sabga- Cameroon. We organize Youth Sports Activities to give the kids in the village an opportunity to earn school supplies and fees while doing something fun.

Plant a Seed started out over ten years ago by planning semi-annual youth activity days during which students from throughout the community participated in sporting events. The prizes and participation awards were school supplies and scholarships.

Today Plant A Seed continues to plan youth activity days and has reached hundreds of students. Notebooks, pens, and other supplies are purchased in country and provided to the students, Everyone seems to have a great time.

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