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About Us

Plant a Seed - Past, Present, & Future

We partner with you to plant seeds of change

Our Past

Plant a Seed is a 501(c)(3) in El Segundo, California, originated from the village of Babanki, Cameroon, in 2001, with the vision of creating opportunities for all. It was originally named Seek Ye Multiple Group until it was registered as Plant a Seed in the United States and Cameroon in 2010. The mission was to turn hopes and dreams into reality by creating change and opportunity in individuals, schools, and communities across Cameroon and the world through education, sports, clean water, and more. Even though the mission and the vision of the organization from its creation were very broad in scope, Plant a Seed's core was the education of youths, with a focus on Africa. All Plant a Seed projects were either requested by the community or introduced to the community and only implemented with buy-in from the local leaders. The projects were executed with the help of the community. Plant a Seed has collaborated with other organizations, such as Engineers Without Borders, Children’s Burn Foundation, and Torrance Memorial Hospital, all based in the United States, to complete large-scale projects.

Our Present & Future

Understanding the complexity of issues across Cameroon and Africa, the organization applies a holistic and project-based approach to solving individual and community challenges. Given the complex nature of factors that impact the education of children and youths in Africa, a holistic approach to education is essential. Plant a Seed believes it is not enough to simply take children to school. While at school, students must be provided with the resources necessary to succeed in class and outside of the classroom. These resources include school supplies, quality teachers, culturally relevant Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) curricula and pedagogies, health, and more. Above all, children must be empowered to create innovative solutions to issues in their communities and beyond. Starting in 2023, Plant a Seed will prioritize projects with these three main characteristics: STEAM, cross-cultural collaborations, and entrepreneurship. 

As a U.S.-based organization, Plant a Seed believes in giving back to the community in which it resides. Its high school internships, coaching, and mentorship program will continue. 

Vision & Mission

Equipping Africa's youth for the future by bringing African and U.S. students together via STEAM, cross-cultural collaboration, and entrepreneurship to address critical challenges in their communities and beyond.

While Plant a Seed prioritizes STEAM, cross-cultural collaboration, and entrepreneurship, the complex nature of issues affecting Africa requires a holistic approach to education. Plant a Seed wants to equip learners with the entrepreneurial skills to create jobs, innovative tools to design solutions to issues in their communities and beyond, and cross-cultural competencies to effectively collaborate with those outside their cultures without minimizing their own. We want to create the next generation of Africans proudly serving Africa.


Executive Board Members 

Rashel Mereness, Rebecca Okoh, Kristina Lux, Athanasius Monju 

Advisory Board Members 

Gloria Johnson, Jennifer Jukanovich, Alfred Fubuh, Embaneg Afise, Jeanine Uribe, James Tita, Mary Achieng, Aasiyah Ghazi, Eva Sweeney 

Our Team

CEO/Founder - Ruth Akumbu, USA
Grantwriters - Laura & Hunter Gabel, USA

Country Director - Lamfu Catherine, Cameroon

Regional Director - Rev. Aseh George, Cameroon 

Locations Manager - Elvis Akuchu Akumbu, Cameroon

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