We are friends, family, and neighbors who want to plant seeds of change.

From Ruth Akumbu - Founder

In 2001, friends, colleagues and I created the Seek Ye Multipurpose Group in our home, Cameroon, Africa. Our grass roots mission was to provide:

  • Financial support of kids in less-fortunate communities

  • Outreach and exposure to subjects such as clean water, AIDS prevention resources, and education

  • Sponsored sporting events for young people in communities and schools

  • Financial, educational and material support of women, particularly single mothers and uneducated/under-educated children in learning a trade or business to better their lives and their community.


We bring opportunities to the communities.

Working within the heart of communities and their infrastructure, we’ve created a force of over 4,000 friends – interested in bettering our communities and ourselves. As a result of these efforts, Seek Ye grew into the Plant A Seed Foundation in 2010, a bi-continental organization in the United States and Cameroon. Combining the resources of both continents, we continue to plant seeds of hope and knowledge to grow strong communities in our home Cameroon and beyond.