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Jespa's Journey

We helped childhood burn victim, Jespa Ngong, move to the United States for life-changing reconstructive surgery. As Jespa now enters his third year in the US, we are supporting his efforts to continue his education and earn a college degree.

When he was just an infant in Cameroon, Jespa Ngong suffered severe burns on his face and his right arm. As he grew, his arm fused into a folded position and he lost the use of one eye. Nevertheless, Jespa participated in school, helped out on the family farm, and even had a job tending a neighbor’s animals!

When he was just 12 years old, Jespa applied for a Plant A Seed scholarship to help with school supplies. This created a relationship that led to Jespa moving to California to undergo reconstructive surgery at age 16, thanks to the help of the Children’s Burn Foundation, Torrance Memorial Hospital, and several generous donors and supportive friends. During his treatments, Jespa enrolled in and completed high school at Arena High School in El Segundo, California. In September 2018 Jespa began as a freshman at El Camino college.

Plant A Seed could not be more proud of what this young man has accomplished. He was awarded several scholarships and honors upon graduation. Plant A Seed will continue to help with tuition and living expenses while Jespa is in school. In addition, Jespa is still undergoing several costly medical procedures. Therefore, Jespa’s Journey remains one of the major fundraising efforts for Plant A Seed.

You can read more about Jespa’s Journey here or follow Jespa’s Journey on Facebook here.

Donations to Jespa’s Journey are tax deductible.

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